Play Venue Company Date
Daylight Robbery BHASVIC (site-specific) ZLS Theatre May 2015
Housemates – The Sitcom (co-written with Lionel Clark) Hanover Community Centre Trapped Wind Productions May 2013

Daylight Robbery

A one-act comedy. Tony has just been made redundant. His wife has left him for a cowboy builder from Hackney, and his daughter needs a life-saving operation. Anna and Andy weren’t having great day before he held them at gunpoint in a coffee shop – but could they be the unlikeliest of friends? Originally performed at Brighton Fringe in 2015.

Housemates – The Sitcom

Co-written with Lionel Clark and performed at Brighton Fringe in 2013, Housemates is two episodes of a traditional British-style sitcom brought to the stage. Currently being re-written for performance at Brighton Fringe in 2016.

Other works in progress

David Wesley Porter

A carer for his disabled partner, David is desperate. Pushed further each day by the British government’s cuts, just how far will he go to make his voice heard?


A political commentary on the working class reaction to the recession, and an illustration of the differences in attitude between two distinctive UK cities.

Time and Space

It’s the year 2215. There have been no wars, no crime and no disease since men were banished from the earth. A crew of the earth’s finest astronauts are alone in deep space seeking new knowledge and resources to take home. What could possibly go wrong?

American Cheese

A feel-good musical comedy about a thirty-something who attends his high school reunion only to to find that no one has changed. Or have they?

Class Warfare

A compassionate comedy about bringing people together in the most unlikely of circumstances.