Me with my banjo

Work in Progress

Prior to moving to Brighton in 2008, I played in a number of rock’n’roll bands and gigged regularly as a singer-songwriter. Somewhere along the way, I fell out of love with the music scene.

Recently my love of writing music has been reignited by listening to contemporary country music, and I’ve been working on a new album that is heavily influenced by both the classic and contemporary Nashville sound. I’m deliberately taking my time writing the as-yet-untitled album, and I’m not setting a timescale for release.

I’m really keen to recruit the right band and spend time finessing the songs until I’m truly happy with them. Historically I’ve been guilty of performing underdeveloped songs, and just trying to get them finished so they can be performed. I’m keen that this time is different.

Arseholes EP

The Arseholes EP was released to coincide with the performances of my comedy show Guy Wah: Professional Arsehole in 2017. CDs are available at performances, or by getting in contact through the site. Arseholes contains the three songs within the show, and costs just £4. You can listen to the tracks by using the Soundcloud player on the right.

Huge thanks to Meri and Emily at Noisy Girls Studio for helping me put the EP together.