I mentioned in my last post that I’m feeling an increasing sense of clarity these days. I know pretty much instinctively whether or not I want to accept a piece of work, and the paths I wish to follow to work towards my goals are, for the first time in my life, laid out in front of me very clearly.

Since going self-employed, my life has always felt pretty disorganised. I’ve always been working on a number of projects, but often without a clear priority. On the occasions that I have identified a priority, it’s often been thrown out by a significant life event or a need to drop my passions to find paid work. On the occasions that I’ve followed through on that priority, I’ve often felt like the final product is a watered-down or substandard version of my vision. I’m pretty sure that’s a common response from anyone working on a creative project with no budget, but the number of times that has happened over the past seven years has got me down occasionally.

Of course, this is all a very natural part of the learning process, and has led me to where I am right now.


This past month or so I’ve been able to start writing again. Well, more specifically, I’ve been able to return to some things I started writing a number of years ago, as well as sketching the outline for a new one-person show. The one-person show is the one that excites me the most right now (although this changes depending on my mood – see my excitement at the musical I’m writing in my last blog post) as it looks at an issue that I feel is particularly important right now – the political divide in the world, and the impact of the way we communicate with each other on the feeling of separation even within factions. While I try as often as possible to avoid political positionings to identify groups of people, something that has always bothered me is the righteous nature of the preachers of left-wing politics. I’m acutely aware that I have been a part of this problem, which makes me wish that more people would realise the impact they are having on each other. With social media such a prominent part of our society, running a divide and rule operation has never been easier for those in charge. Anyway, this isn’t my political blog (FWIW – this is) so I’m not going to go into that right now – keep an eye out for the show in due course.

A side note – my research for this has involved watching numerous recent episodes of South Park. I could definitely have picked a worse career.

My unhappy gym faceWrestling

Okay, so this is starting to get me down a bit. I’m still gyming it up as much as I physically can to build up my cardio to some sort of acceptable level ahead of starting training. Unfortunately I seem to have a problem with my left calf muscle. I can’t find any logic or reason to it. Sometimes I can run for 20 minutes with no effects. Sometimes it pulls within two minutes of a warm up. I guess I need to go and see a physio but I just don’t have that sort of spare cash at the moment.

I’m not shifting focus though. Breaking into this industry this year is one of my primary goals, so I have plans B, C and D to try out yet.


The SussexActors.co.uk website is nearing completion. I’ve been researching facilities to be listed from outside of Brighton & Hove, and I’m really pleased with the new design. I’m hoping to launch it within the next couple of weeks, as well as recording another couple of podcasts. I was due to record a new podcast this past Wednesday but unfortunately I was too ill to do more than just rest up, so I’m hoping to rearrange the date as soon as possible.


A couple of projects I have been involved in were released this week. Firstly a scene from The Latest Krays, an interactive whodunnit experience, and secondly I was included in James Bellorini’s Inside The Fringe photography exhibition featuring 35 performers associated with Brighton Fringe. Here’s a short video about the exhibition courtesy of Witness BTN.

And finally

It’s Wrestlemania weekend baby! See you on the other side of fucked up sleep patterns!