Edinburgh here I come! (Limited freelance support available)

by | 25th June 2014 | acting

Do you need freelance support for your Edinburgh Fringe show?
Need someone local to work with the venue?
Need someone to promote your show?

I can help in a number of ways:

Interested? Contact me using this form or call me on 07890 063830.

Please note that due to travelling on a zero budget I’m only available from 15th-17th August, and even then I want to see as many shows as I can so my time is limited. Get in early if you want support!

I can even help with flier/poster design, printing and distribution. If you need any support not listed here, just ask – I’m an experienced project manager so there’s not much I can’t do!

NB: I’m afraid I’m only able to work for cash. I’d love to help you all in exchange for free tickets or on a profit-share basis, but my landlord doesn’t accept them for my rent!

Guy at sound desk


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