Brain Dump

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Oh, hi there. Me? I’m good, thanks. How are you? Oh I don’t know. I’m not sure what this blog post is about, to be honest. I just need somewhere to empty my brain, so thanks in advance for listening. … Continued

Let’s pretend!

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I’ve just watched the most tedious video emailed to me by the organisers of a well-known acting conference, saying that it would change my life. I can only assume that they think I’m a naive 21 year old drama school … Continued


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Something a bit more positive to write about today: development, and developments. I’ve just joined The Actors Centre in London. I hadn’t previously done this because for some reason, in my head I had decided that their workshops and facilities … Continued

Lines, lines, lines…

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Is there a more frustrating part of the job of an actor than learning lines? Does anyone know of a magic spell that will ensure the words go in, in the correct order, and without paraphrasing? I have to keep … Continued